waste oil burner

Universal Oil Burner G55

Universal Oil Burner features:
1. Automatic multi-fuel oil burners
2. Burner sizes ranging uo to 51kW
3. Waste oil, gas oil, plant oil, or mixtures
4. Fuel selection by simple adjustment of secondary air and oil temperature
5. Integral oil pre-heat tank
6. primary air atomisation
7. Designed for easy maintenance
8. Reliable and trouble-free
9. Voltage: 230V 1ph 50Hz
10. All kW ratings are nett CV

Oil consumption (KG/Hour)Output heat power (KW)Output heat (KCal/h)Distance from fire gun to flange (mm)
4.340 to 52140
Distance of screw bore in the flange(mm) Fire gun dia(mm) Compressed Air Pressure(MPa) Voltage
150 to 195 104 0.4 to 0.8Bar 240V/50Hz
  Brochure   G55 Data Sheet - Universal Oil Burner - Waste Oil Burner.pdf   G55 Data Sheet - Universal Oil Burner - Waste Oil Burner.pdf
  Installation Guide   G55 Manual - Universal Oil Burner - Waste Oil Burner.pdf   G55 Manual - Universal Oil Burner - Waste Oil Burner.pdf

The universal oil burner by Gierschis, as the name says, a multi-fuelburner suitable for many different oiltypes. Vegetable, animal and mineraloils. No conversion required. Thanksto compressed air atomisationtechnology. A small oil pump is used to feed oilinto the burner tank. A float switchkeeps the oil at the correct level insidethe tank. An electric oil heateris integrated in the burner tank.An adjustable thermostat sets thecorrect oil temperature, e.g. 140C for vegetable oil or 100C for mineraloils. The universal oil burners areconnected to an external compressedair system. Compressed air passesthrough the compressed-air atomisingnozzle, draws in the oil from the burnertank by the Venturi principle andatomises it into microscopically smalldroplets. Depending on capacity,the burner is fitted with one, two orthree oil nozzles. The combustionair is comprised of compressed airas primary air and blower air assecondary air. The finely atomised oilmist mixes with the blower at the baffleplate air and combusts. The blowerair flow is set manually at the airdamper.If the required oil type is unavailableat any time, then regular grade EL heating oil can be used. Just switchover the air supply and turn the tankheater thermostat to the 'heating off'setting.


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